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The Change Book

Master Coach Gillian Skeer was invited by two powerhouses in the self-development community, Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, to be a contributing author in Volume 7 of The Change book series.
Along with twenty other authors and experts from around the world, Gillian Skeer shares her wisdom and insights into self-empowerment. Berny Dorhmann, Founder of CEO Space International, delivers an amazing, and not to miss, foreword.

Look for Gillian’s Chapter 3 entitled “Being Authentic.”

“You will gain a new life of super focus as never before and you will commence to master manifest in your own individual life as never before. The Change books provide tools to transform results for corporations, institutions, and individuals, and once applied it will be impossible to miss your future success in life.”

– Berny Dorhmann, Founder of CEO Space International

“Gillian Skeer is a Master Coach who achieves outstanding results for her clients. Her skills, professional experience and intuitive approach to personal and professional development are second to none. I highly recommend Gillian if you are seeking profound and positive change in your life.”

– Jim Britt, 13 time best-selling author

“Change is a process that is as inevitable as it is unpredictable. Navigating through change can be as challenging as it is enlightening. Embracing the concept of change can be the most empowering step in your journey of personal and professional development.”

– Gillian Skeer, Master Coach, Author, Speaker.

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