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Written testimonials

Here’s what Gillian Skeer’s, Master Coach NLP clients are saying:

Through experiencing a decade of challenges, successes, trials and tribulations both in my personal and business life, I have sought out and consulted with many a coach and mentor. Each with their own methods and techniques, one vastly different to the other. Mine is an experienced perspective when I say that Gill is the ultimate Success and Life coach. She has played a major part in many turning points both in my life and in my psyche.


Professional, inspiring and supportive – she’s the real deal! I’m super pleased about the massive breakthroughs I have had while working with Gillian. She delivers.

East Perth WA

Gill has helped me to learn more about myself in a few sessions than I ever thought possible. Her techniques are truly amazing and you make progress in such a short time that it seems surreal. After my first session with Gill I felt challenged to find out what my core values are and how I want my life to look. Her challenge inspired me to make changes and take action. Her professionalism and continuous follow up make sure that I am accountable to take that action.

Perth WA

Gill worked with me on a major life changing habit that has been purely a transformational journey from living a life of procrastination to now a life of completely taking ACTION! Since working with Gill, I have had outstanding results in my business, sales have increased 50% in the last two months and my motivation in my business is at an all-time HIGH. Thank you is not enough for the amazing gift you have given me!

Kristy L
Melbourne VIC

Gillian provided me with the necessary tools and thought processes for self-assessment and self-discovery that I desperately needed. Gillian’s endearing yet professional approach was both encouraging and empowering. I am now on my new life’s path and all the stronger for it. I would strongly recommend Gillian to anyone who feels the need for change in their life on whatever level. Start today!

Mt Hawthorn WA

I am generally a sceptic and when I came to see Gill for the first time needless to say I was sceptical of getting results. From day one Gill I could see why Gill does what she does, she loves to help people achieve their full potential in life. After just a few sessions I could see an improvement and now almost finished I am tackling the things I thought I would never do. WOW how things changed as we worked through the sessions. Many issues that I brought up we took care of and I for one feel better for it. Thanks Gill, you really live up to your name as the “Change Agent”


Having come to Gill for clarification around the area of relationships, she employed several techniques that have begun to give clarity to the situation that I am in. I am now beginning to focus on and attract what I want much more easily and with greater clarity. The session was fun and enlightening with Gill’s sense of humour and empathy making the changes easy and possible. I was surprised how quick and effortless the process was and would absolutely recommend anyone who is looking for deep, long lasting change to employ Gill’s expertise in achieving what they want in life.

Brendin O
Wellington, New Zealand

I worked with Gill on a problem and within minutes she was able to get me to ‘blow the boundaries’ of it in such a way that I know it will never be coming back! She is a thorough professional and I would definitely recommend her as a coach.

Catherine P

What an awesome experience, I will say that Gillian is one excellent coach. Her skill and passion is second to none, with great attention to detail, and a real flare. I will certainly call on her skills again in the future.

Michael K

I really hadn’t considered engaging a personal coach until I was introduced to Gill, where our open and inspiring meetings successfully fast tracked me to my desired goal. Gill enabled me to look at the bigger picture and reassess my goals and values, matching them to where I was and where I wanted to be; a simple process with dramatic results that I really hadn’t made time for previously. Five months on I have now moved on to a different role both professionally and personally and feel like I have regained control again of my own destiny. Thank you Gill.

Western Australia

The best investment I have made in my personal growth. Gillian’s skills and passion for her work have given me some amazing results and breakthroughs thanks to the trusting and nurturing environment she creates during each coaching session. Gillian has not only empowered me but given me the tools to make some major changes in my life. I would be happy to recommend Gillian at Creative Coaching Solutions. You have a very calm and reassuring manner, also a great passion and skill for what you do. There is definitely a positive change within me.

Margaret River WA

I was recommended to Gill from a friend who had huge raps on the benefits of working with her. In the time that I was able to work with Gill I found her to be an exceptional practitioner of NLP. She has a deep understanding of the techniques and how to implement them for maximum results. Her warm and genuine nature makes it very easy to talk and work with her. I recommend Gill to anyone looking to make lasting and meaningful change.


Working with Gillian has been a very valuable experience. She is highly experienced and deeply committed to the success of her client. Gillian provides that extra regular and personal support to ensure her client stays motivated and achieves excellent results. I recommend Gillian’s work to anyone who wishes to break out of their limitations to achieve personal growth.


It was an incredible moment for me and thinking about it now I still can’t believe what happened to me and the resulting release. Just knowing, really feeling that the blocked emotion has gone is amazing and I look forward to taking my life to where I really want it to go. I couldn’t have done it without your professionalism, guidance and facilitation, so thank you again Gill for helping me.


“I leave a session with Gill feeling on top of the world and able to face any challenge that comes my way! During our sessions her words spark many “light-bulb” moments that are allowing me to open my eyes to the possibilities that are mine to grasp. The various techniques she has taught me to combat fears and anxiety are simple and work – what more could you ask for! Gill is guiding me along a path to greater self-awareness and personal growth and the results I have seen to date make me smile!”


At first I was hesitant to try coaching, mainly because of some resistance from my husband. Now I look back and see how I have changed and become more in control of who I am and what I want out of life, I would highly recommend it! Gill is fantastic! Warm, friendly and professional. Her techniques are unbelievable and all done with so much care and interest in you the client. You too can get out of the grey zone and have the compelling future you desire…..thanks Gill.”


When I made the decision to see Gill I went in with one goal in mind, and came out with a completely different one and a new outlook on life. Gill made me see what I was missing out on and what I really wanted out of life moving forward. The journey was a turbulent but one I wouldn’t change for the world. Thanks for everything Gill, your coaching is truly amazing and it shows in what you have helped me achieve and I am very excited about what my new future holds!


Gill is an incredible motivator who assists people believe in themselves, acknowledge their strengths and see their self-worth. Thank you Gill, for being such an inspiration.


Gill helped my daughter address her sleep issues and I’d recommend her to anyone seeking coaching or other support. Thanks Gill!


I really want to thank you for all your help, for sharing your skills and tools as well as your wisdom with me. What we have covered in the last couple of months has shifted me so so far. I am so grateful to have met you and for the journey you have taken me on. Thank you.


Your perspective and insight has really made such a difference. Thank you so much for your kind words, and obvious love for what you do. I found our session uplifting and inspiring. It’s great to be in the company of someone who knows who they are, and is passionate about helping others to find themselves also.


You have certainly helped me hugely with our one on one sessions. Thank you Coach!!


I am so fortunate to have had Gill recommended to me. In just one session I felt a breakthrough within myself and I felt that my light was switched back on. Gill has taught me techniques to achieve my goals and to help build my life to where I want it to be – right at the top! She is the most genuine, motivating, inspiring and professional coach you will ever come across, who will take you on a journey of discovery and help you in every step of the way..…Thank you Gill, because of you I am one step closer to my empire.

Western Australia

Thank you for the extra time you put in to our session, not to mention the fact that I was in such a good mood, I ran most of the way home! I really enjoyed it and I’d easily recommend you to anyone who’s looking to chase their goals in life.


“WOW !!!! I have completely released that fear and I’m so glad.. thank you from the bottom of my heart.. you helped guide me to the place where I could clearly see the conflict for what it really was “fear of change”…”


When I first met Gill I had no idea what I was in for. All I knew was that Gill’s drive and passion for doing what she loved was awesome, I wanted some of that! I didn’t realise the impact it would have on my life and future. I was unsure, unsteady and border line unhappy with the direction my life was going. Now that I have been given the keys to unlock my own potential, my mission in life and my purpose is so clear. Thank you Gill!


Coming to see you has been an amazing building exercise. You have taught me to move away from the past and to focus on my amazing and wonderful future. I came to you as a stranger needing help and guidance, however I have walked away with a cloud full of life gratitude and gaining an inspiring coach – whom I will wink at when I get to the top of my mountain. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Each day I wake up and feel so blessed that a chance meeting with an awesome Master NLP Coach, who heard my story, and worked with me gently yet at times firmly, who told me I’m never too old to take a different path and live my life because I’m worth it, and I’m capable of doing whatever I want to do and that it’s OK to change my mind if it’s not working for me. No more looking back for me, from now on I’m facing forwards towards my exciting future. So goodbye limiting beliefs and hello to my new life where I realise only thing stopping me was me.


Gill is very focussed on assisting you reaching your goals, helping with personal growth and loves making a difference in the lives of those she coaches. She can help achieving life goals, give you day-to-day tips and exercises to make your life in general better and help you prepare for something very specific such as a job interview.

Western Australia

“Excellent and engaging presenter.

J. G.

Very confident, passionate presenter.

Danny P

Very engaging style.

Michelle F

Calm, direct, entertaining.


An engaging and knowledgeable speaker!

Sue A

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