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Give your Gift Meaning

Gifts that provide a meaningful experience or some time-out, give both the body and brain time to recover from the everyday demands of life.  It’s particularly important when life’s stresses become even greater, and the festive season is a prime time for stress levels to peak.


There is a noticeable shift in what people value these days.  Accumulation of more stuff does not necessarily equate to happiness or contentment.

At traditional times of gift-giving, maybe there is room for putting more meaning into the gift.  Think inspirational books, gift vouchers for wellness experiences, handmade and heartfelt items, a generous compliment, a phonecall, a hug, a smile, some precious shared time . . .

The act of giving something that is empowering, or of benefit to the wellness of the receiver, provides a greater sense of thoughtfulness and care, and can be profoundly life-changing.

Gift “experiences” designed to enliven the mind, body or soul, are gifts that provide enduring benefit.  And they are gifts that people often don’t buy for themselves.  These experiences were once seen as a treat, or an indulgence, whereas these days people are recognising the inherent value of self-care and self-development.

As a Master Life & Success Coach I see many people who are challenged at this time of year.  Think about the person you want to give to.  How’s their physical, mental and emotional well-being?

Gifting some nurturing will do wonders!

A new year is a gift in itself, another chance, an opportunity to take your life to the next level, a fresh start, a new chapter, a whole new frontier of endeavour.

Embrace it whole-heartedly, and just imagine where it can take you.

Truly make it a happy New Year!

Master Coach Gillian Skeer’s Top Tips for the perfect gift:

1. Make it meaningful – show the recipient how special they are to you

2. Make it unique – receiving something individualised or unusual will boost the thrill-factor

3. Go for emotion – whether it’s fun, enlightening, reminiscent, or even a little off the wall, a gift that

generates a positive emotion will be long-remembered.

4. Make it a keepsake – give something so meaningful, it will be treasured for life

5. Make it appropriate – thinking about the recipient’s age, interests, capabilities, beliefs and other

qualities, then match them with a gift that’s particularly suitable for them that they’ll value.

6. It’s not always about price. Sometimes the most perfect gift can cost nothing, yet still be priceless.

7. Give with love and with gratitude.  That’s where the true meaning and value is.

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One of the most unique gifts – the gift that gives value for a lifetime!

Perth’s Gillian Skeer is a Master Coach NLP and an Internationally Accredited Extended DISC  (Behavioural Profiling) Consultant.

5 Easy Ways out of a Negative State

You don’t need to be stuck in a negative state. There is more to life than being negative… like welcoming positivity in your life.

gillian-skeer-blog copy

In my article published in the Bartercard news, I exposed
5 easy ways to break free from negativity.

Here’s the list:

1. Anchor in for positivity

2. Break up with your thoughts

3. Turn it on its head

4. Get grateful

5. To be, or not to be

Find out how you can apply the 5 steps to a more positive life.  Read more about it here.



If I was 22… again…


At 22 I remember the older and wiser folk sharing their wisdom with me.

Sometimes I listened, sometimes I didn’t.

It wasn’t because their advice wasn’t useful; it was because I was ….well, …. I was 22 !

If I were 22 again, this is what I would do.

Give me Clarity!


Ever lay awake at night, staring at the ceiling and wondered where your life is going? What’s your purpose? Feeling uninspired with what you’re doing? Are you on a path that is congruent with whom you really are?

All of us, at some point in our lives, question where we are at. And this would make sense, wouldn’t it? The person you are at twenty is different to the person you are at thirty, and different to the person you are at forty, fifty, sixty and so on.

And it’s a good thing to periodically question our direction in life and if we are being congruent with whom we inherently are.

For years we may have run patterns of beliefs about what we think we should be doing, and then we hit a point where we realise that these beliefs are no longer a good fit for us. And maybe they never were.

I regularly hear new clients say “I don’t have any direction”, “I’m just not happy with what I’m doing”, “I’m not sure what I want anymore”, “I’m on a treadmill”, “I feel stuck”, “I don’t know who I am”.

We can all face these kind of challenges, so it’s reassuring to know that there are empowering resources to assist us.

Life coaching will help you understand why you find yourself in your current situation and more importantly empower you with strategies designed to give you clarity, direction and a sense of purpose.
Behavioural profiling is one tool that is extremely useful in gaining clarity about your personal and professional behavioural styles. A series of questions can quickly and easily provide you with clarity and certainty about your best “fit” on life’s journey.

Knowing your behavioural style can enable you to improve your performance and find direction in your life and business.

You’ll discover the areas that are most natural to you that will allow you to appreciate your inherent strengths, your best areas for development, the most suitable career options for you and the areas where you can most easily and effortlessly create success and personal enjoyment. Imagine that!

This knowledge can be life-changing!

Want to get clearer on your unique behavioural profile? Master Coach Gillian Skeer is an Internationally Accredited Extended DISC® Consultant and will work directly with individuals and teams to assess your profile. This profile is one of the most validated behavioural tools in the world, and your behavioural style directly relates to your ability to improve your performance and create wealth and abundance in your own life and business.

Setting Success Goals

To achieve change and success it is vital to have a purpose or a desired outcome; to establish where you are now in life and where you want to be in the future. Many people don’t consciously plan for what they want in the future and may meander aimlessly through life.

Though if you really want to progress at some level of your life you’d be wise to have a construct in your mind of what that would be for you.

So, know your outcome: What is it that you really, really want to achieve?

What are you passionate about?

What is it in life that’s important to you? It might be a personal thing; it might be to improve your relationship; it might be to have a better career; it might be to improve your financial situation; it might be to have more spare time on your hands. Whatever it is for you, be very clear and very specific about what it is you want – what is success to you?

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Living and giving

If there is a part of you that’s wondering about your legacy to this world, the very fortunate thing for humanity is that you are not alone.

World Vision, Brazil

The world is full of amazing, resourceful, giving people who find a sense of purpose in giving back and making a difference to their world.  Their contribution may be large or small; it may be financial or in-kind; it may change the life of one person, or the lives of many; it can be fleeting or have long-lasting effects.  Whatever the contribution, it changes lives.

Contribution is one of our human needs and can provide a sense of serving a greater purpose. Where contribution is one of someone’s highest human needs, one might feel incomplete without going beyond one’s own needs and giving to someone or something beyond themselves.  The spiritual bond of giving beyond oneself provides a sense of connection, thus meeting another human need. It may also fulfil the human needs for certainty, significance, variety and growth.

I love that I get to share time with so many inspiring people and to hear wonderful stories about their unique legacies.  And I am just so fortunate to be in my own business where the very essence of my work is about helping others to a greater level of empowerment.
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Just what is NLP?

 Just what is NLP?  Here’s a snapshot

Life Coach Perth

You’ve likely heard about it.  You might even be curious about what it can do for you.  NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programing and it’s one of the amazing tools I have in my coaching toolbox.

NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programs).

NLP allows us to study of how we structure our thinking, how we react to our environment, how we experience situations that we encounter, as well as how we communicate to others and ourselves. With the use of NLP we can map our thinking, behaviour and communication and the strategies behind them.

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Listen up!

Do you ever feel like people are talking at you, but not really listening to you? It can be frustrating can’t it? We all like to feel that we are being heard.

That’s why listening is an important part of communication.  And the better your communication, the better your relationships.

Being a good listener shows that you care for, and can empathise with, the other person.  It tells them they can build trust and rapport with you.   In turn, they will feel valued, appreciated and worthy of your time and focus.

Improve your listening, and you’ll improve your communication.
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What’s really ME?

Do you ever feel like you are wearing a mask?

Do you feel that what you are showing the world is not the real you? Do you feel like you are playing a role in the performance of life that doesn’t quite fit with who you really are?

Amazingly, most people don’t stop to ask themselves the basic questions:

Am I fulfilling my purpose?

Am I fully utilising my skills?

Am I inspired by what I do?
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Planning your life in Reverse?

The thought of having to make plans for the future can, for some, be a tiresome, and possibly daunting one. So let’s turn that around and have some fun with it. What if you were to approach your life plan from another perspective, in a way that’s more fun and very powerful?

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…


The idea is to plan your life from an age in the future, and work backwards to now.  You see, some of us often don’t know what we want in the short-term, medium-term or even long-term, and just thinking about it can be a bit overwhelming.
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Think Right To Achieve

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If I can help you change your life

Achieving Through Change