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Experience real personal change, outstanding results and be equipped with your own set of tools for your ongoing empowerment. When you are equipped with the tools and techniques to change your internal state, your external reality will change accordingly.Consider gaining your personal and professional development through our group-learning forums:

Workshops: Half-day or full-day, interactive, informal and fun

Courses: One-day and two-day courses designed for optimising your success

Speak Confidently Presentation Skills, Communicate for Life, Seize Your Life, Keys to Success

TRAINING: Certification Training in Coaching, NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Gillian Skeer with colleague Amanda Mortimer deliver outstanding courses and training.

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CONSULTING: Programs specifically designed for your business to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Tactical Business Planning
  • Communication Skills for Leadership Excellence
  • Leading a Growing Business
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Management Excellence
  • Coaching skills for Leadership Excellence
  • Optimal Performance
  • Powerful Presentations



This profile is one of the most validated behavioural tools in the world, and your behavioural style directly relates to your ability to improve your performance and create wealth and abundance in your own life and business.

The aim is to get you to really know your strengths and where you best “flow”, meaning the areas that are most natural to you that help you create wealth easier, faster and with more enjoyment. These profiles let you know your strengths, your best development areas, who you typically need in your success team, and best of all – the types of jobs and wealth creation areas that ideally suit your unique behavioural style. Learning about your flow, can change your life!

Gillian Skeer is an Internationally Accredited Extended DISC® Consultant and will work directly with individuals and teams to assess your profile. Contact Gillian directly at to undertake your Extended DISC® online Behavioural Profile.


“Thank you for a life changing experience.”

“This course is invaluable.”

“I have learnt to believe in myself and trust that I can make the changes I need to make. Be, Do, Have is my new motto.”

“I gained a feeling of empowerment and self-determination regardless of past history and experiences.”

“Thank you for a transformational 2 days – very special!”

“Fabulous course. I have benefitted from it greatly and it will help me grow in leaps and bounds. Thanks!”


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