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Living and giving

If there is a part of you that’s wondering about your legacy to this world, the very fortunate thing for humanity is that you are not alone.

World Vision, Brazil

The world is full of amazing, resourceful, giving people who find a sense of purpose in giving back and making a difference to their world.  Their contribution may be large or small; it may be financial or in-kind; it may change the life of one person, or the lives of many; it can be fleeting or have long-lasting effects.  Whatever the contribution, it changes lives.

Contribution is one of our human needs and can provide a sense of serving a greater purpose. Where contribution is one of someone’s highest human needs, one might feel incomplete without going beyond one’s own needs and giving to someone or something beyond themselves.  The spiritual bond of giving beyond oneself provides a sense of connection, thus meeting another human need. It may also fulfil the human needs for certainty, significance, variety and growth.

I love that I get to share time with so many inspiring people and to hear wonderful stories about their unique legacies.  And I am just so fortunate to be in my own business where the very essence of my work is about helping others to a greater level of empowerment.

Children have always held a special place in my heart and I suppose that is why for many years I have chosen to support younger ones in need.

Many years ago I travelled to the centre of Brazil to meet my World Vision sponsor child, a little girl named Josianne, who was about 11 years old at the time.

Along with her twin sister, she had been orphaned when her mother had been shot and killed in front of her; she’d had a really hard start in life and her community was very poor.

When I ventured to this extremely remote part of Brazil – a journey which began in Rio de Janeiro, took two plane flights, followed by several hours travelling by car – I found a community that was so full of love and support for each other and so honoured to have me there as their guest.

Jodie O’Shea Orphanage, Bali

The experience had a profound effect on my life, seeing these genuinely gracious people who had so little, living in gratitude and their lives so rich in other ways;  I was greatly humbled. It was a huge inspiration to me and remains one of the most memorable events in my life.

Through giving, I received an enriching experience that was life-changing.

I continue my support of the World Vision child sponsorship program, along with other worthy organisations, including an orphanage in Bali.  I like to support and promote the inspirational work that people are doing to enrich and empower the lives of others. This includes the support of youth leadership and development programs, health research, awareness and support organisations and conservation organisations.

There are so many inspirational people I admire, who are doing remarkable work and accomplishing great things.

Bravo, and every power to them!


What’s your legacy, I wonder?  I would love to hear your stories and for you to share your comments below.


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