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The Fork in the Road

I ventured across this literal fork in the road on a recent trip to Adelaide, South Australia.

This image perfectly illustrates the fork in the road metaphor that we use when we are at the crossroads, or a point of indecision in our lives.

Imagine you are standing at a fork in the road of life. One direction, leads you to a particular outcome, and the other direction leads you to another.

We’ve all had to face that fork in the road at some time in our lives, haven’t we?  You might be facing one now.
As you stand at a fork in the road in life, you might be excited by new opportunities, motivated to new levels of achievement and energized by the possibilities.  However, you also might feel a sense of overwhelm, experience a fear of failure or become befuddled by procrastination.

You see, making a decision may require a little, or a lot, of effort.  It may require you to go the extra mile and possibly make changes to your life.

Change in itself can be daunting, let alone being faced with an either/or choice. Sometimes facing that fork in the road can leave us feeling really indecisive and “stuck”.

So how is it that a fork in the road can be so daunting?

This is where limiting beliefs can come into play. Limiting beliefs are those things you believe to be true about yourself, which, in reality, are not true. You just believe them to be true.

Limiting beliefs will have you assuming that you aren’t good enough, or you won’t be successful in your goal – you know, those doubts we can sometimes entertain in our minds? They are very powerful influences in our lives, which many of us are not even consciously aware of, yet they play a big part in determining our life choices.

The problem is that when limiting beliefs become the over-riding force, the positives that the fork in the road can offer, are often overlooked.
If you allow your limiting beliefs to keep you stuck, then you are not going to achieve the future that you want. It’s that simple.

By changing your limiting beliefs to more positive thought patterns, such as “I am good enough” or “I have all the resources I need to achieve my goals” you can actually develop a more ‘can-do’ attitude in your unconscious mind. There are a range of coaching techniques available which will assist in this process.

And when you can make that shift mentally, you will approach your fork in the road with more certainty, more confidence and more enthusiasm.

Gillian Skeer (22 Posts)

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