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I’m contributing articles at the on-line magazine for woman in business, Leeders in Heels so check out these links.


Leaders in Heels offers everything you need to know to survive in a busy environment, providing easy to follow tips on careers, building your confidence, managing relationships and dressing for success. You will also find topics on serious issues.  Leaders in Heels provides information on Lifestyle,  Networking, Business, Career and  Interviews to empower women climbing the corporate/entrepreneurial ladder.   Leaders in Heels    Enjoy!

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Love to be coached by Gillian Skeer? Contact With over 25 years’ experience in an extensive range of people and business management, coaching, business development, public relations and marketing roles Gillian Skeer, Master Coach NLP is dedicated to delivering specialist expertise and quality client service. Gillian Skeer is a professional Success & Life Coach in Perth Western Australia offering exclusive, elite coaching services. She is passionately committed to helping her clients reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives, eg personal, health, mindset, career, relationships or finances. Let's connect on social media.



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